Reject EVIL Tech 

Come out of her, my people, That ye be not partakers of her sins, And that ye receive not of her plagues.

CBDCs and AI  

 The Risks of CBDCs by the Cato Institute 
 CBDCs: Road to Digital Enslavement 
 Robot and AI Existential Threat
 CBDC & AI on the Verge of Total Control
 Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID
 Global Digital ID Prison

5G Cellular Networks  

 5G or Safe Tech? 
 Reject 5G 
 Stop 5G in the EU 
 5G is Microwave Radiation 
 5G and mmWave
 Truth about 5G Dr. Barrie Trower

Biotech and Transhumanism  

 Biotech and AI transhumanism control grid 
 Transhumanism and Biotech
 Transhumanism: The War on Human Nature
 Transhumanism Warning(한글자막) 
 Apple's Vison Pro Will Change Society 
 Apple's Vision Pro Is Worse Than You Think 

Open Letter to Christians  

 Plea for Righteous Action 
 의로운 행동을 위한 탄원서 

ABOUT: This website is operated by Robert P. Terry for the purpose of Christian outreach and human-rights activism. Robert is currently sending his "Plea for Righteous Action" to Christian leaders and ministers in order to raise awareness regarding technologies that he believes should be rejected at all costs.

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